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could a fine mind help you?

Down the millennia it is the power of thought that has moved mankind forward. Thanks to those who have been able to look at a problem and solve it and to those who have had ideas for doing things better or differently we have moved steadily forward and it is to the inventor that we owe so much that we enjoy in modern life. Continue reading


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a change of name for the blog

The original blog title of John’s Jottings was a bit ordinary, but I had not been able to think of anything better for some time. However, Continue reading

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A Village People Tribute Band?

Here I am, halfway through Movember and just contemplating my Mo efforts in the mirror when a voice from the hall enquires if I’m thinking of starting a Village People tribute band. Briefly I’m puzzled, but she explains that with the ‘tache, white tee shirt, jeans and Caterpillar boots I am maybe dressed for an audition. Continue reading

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SEO; who cares? I certainly don’t

I get a bit fed up of people writing to tell me that my blogs and web sites doesn’t feature on the front page of Google, and that no-one will find me as a result. Well I’ve got news for these unwelcome intruders. Continue reading

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just realised how long it is since I used faceache #facebook

It must be at least 2 months since I looked at Facebook. Over that time I have been very busy with work, staying away from home for some of the time, but, whilst I have been Tweeting under my various guises, blogging across 5 of my 7 blogs and in and out of LinkedIn, Faceache has not excited me enough to bother with it despite the random email reminders it sends me.

Will I keep the account? Maybe. Perhaps I might consult one of my more Facebook savvy friends about making better use of it, but even writing this little blog in its honour hasn’t inspired me to try and remember my log in details and fire it up.


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going back to green commuting

It’s a quarter to seven in the morning. It’s cold, misty and dark where the street lights have been turned off to save money. I walk through to the main road and the oasis of light that is my local ‘bus stop. I’m early, but have erred on the safe side as I don’t do this often. I’m no stranger to this time of the morning; I’m often well on my way somewhere by now, but that is mostly in my car whereas today I am green commuting, heading off to start a new contract and making a journey that is going to become a regular one for me; the local bus to the town centre, walk to the railway station, catch a train and walk to the office. Continue reading

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the joys of writing part three

Happy New Year to all of those who follow these jottings.

My holiday period has been spent with a heavy cold and so I have been more than happy to sit and write. My first book, I Don’t Have My Decision Making Trousers On, or “Trousers” as it has become known around my closest circle, was released on Kindle before Christmas and I’m delighted to see that a couple of hundred people have obtained a copy up to the end of December. I will not be buying a yacht of the proceeds, or not at that price, but it is a real pleasure to know that folks are interested enough to have clicked the link on Amazon. If you don’t have a copy there is a link you can click on at the top of the page here to buy yours. If you don’t have a Kindle you can download Kindle for PC or Mac from Amazon. It’s free and you’ll get three free classics delivered with it (or that is the current deal). Continue reading

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the joys of writing part two

Over the last month I have put together my first eBook, published yesterday. I’ve also written my regular column, a few other blogs, an article for a sports industry magazine and about another 10,000 words towards another project. An enforced inability to do what I normally fill my days with has allowed extra time for all this writing, but it has also heightened my respect for those who earn their living from the written word for, whilst I do earn an element of income from some of my writing, most of what I put on paper is not where I earn my crust. Continue reading

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Upcoming posts

As I’m going to be out of circulation for a bit I have lined up a series of posts that are scheduled to come out at random points. I hope that you enjoy them and I will be back soon to pick up on more topical things as soon as I can.

Thanks for following.

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Finding time to write

Pressures of work are curtailing my writing at the moment hence me being less prolific than usual across my various blogs, and my priority is towards keeping up my Monday Musings column each week.

I have not given up on these blogs though and am working on things for all of my various blogs as well as three e-books in various stages of development, one of which is in the final revision prior to editting stage.

So lots of work in progress. Keep watching and thanks for all of your interest.

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